29 6 / 2012


Woke up with crazy energy…which means one thing: time to kill my legs. Some of you asked me to write out my workout, so here it is.

I can be really weird with how many reps and sets I do, sometimes I’ll try to finish out a set just to make it end up on an even number….OCD over here. I don’t…

And this shall be my new leg workout. Day-um.

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  1. infinitely-curious said: Haha I’m OCD about my rep numbers too…and i say the weirdest stuff in my head while I’m lifting haha psychoooooooo YAY PRs!!
  2. theblondeamazon said: woohoo!
  3. emergingadult said: Congrats!!!
  4. fittoteach said: You’re a machine! In the most awesome sense of the word!